Our Purpose

We exist to empower better periods. 

We believe that every person has the right to period with dignity.

For us, this means having access to quality products and destigmatising periods. This might seem fairly simple for us in Australia, but around the world millions of people period in shame. 

So we’re making our periods do good by supporting education and menstrual hygiene education around the world. 

I have chosen to partner The Periodical with an organisation in Northern Uganda working hard to give women and girls access to secondary and tertiary schooling, sexual health education and clean and safe births. 

I’m particularly excited about their program to destigmatise periods through a program that targets teachers, students and families. Instead of seeing periods as dirty or shameful, they are normalised so girls can continue to go to school. 

Did you know that more than 130 million girls around the world aren’t in school? 

But research shows that the longer a girl is in school:

  • She is less likely to be married as a child (without her consent). 
  • Will increase her income by at least 10-25% for every year she stays in school 
  • Have fewer children, and later in life when she chooses to. And each year of education reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5 to 10%
  • Her own children will go to school and have better nutrition

Educating girls is key to changing the world, both socially and environmentally. 

We exist to limit the amount of tampon waste in our world.

Did you know that the first tampon ever created still exists today?


Pretty damn shocking right?

Most conventional tampons are made with a plastic lining, which means it takes up to 500 years for most tampons to break down. Then add into the fact that many people use plastic applicators as well. And don’t even get us started on flushing these things down the toilet!

When I started The Periodical it was so important that people had access to the best quality menstrual hygiene products available. But also that these didn’t harm our beautiful planet. 

With our tampons, because they’re made from 100% organic cotton they will break down in 5 years instead of 500. 

And because our cotton is 100% organic, you can rest assured that those nasty pesticides from cotton aren’t destroying the local environment (or your body!). 

Stay tuned for more information on ways you can make your period more sustainable.