Our Story

The Periodical has been created by women, for women and to give back to women because, let's face it…solidarity with your sisters is important.

Only women know what it's like to have their body launch an all out assault on their insides each month. It's messy, unfun and it freakin' hurts.

Periodical tampons are made from organic cotton.

Nothing else.

They will biodegrade in 5 years, not 500 like other tampons.

Why would you want to put toxic chemicals up your hoo-ha?

For every pack you receive, The Periodical will also be funding maternal health and girls education projects in the developing world. (Stay tuned for more snazzy info on that!)

I mean, why shouldn’t your period do a little good while it’s there!

So if you period, join us for a menstrual time!

Meet our Chief Executive Ovulator & Founder

The Periodical is the womb-child Bethany Killicoat. She has had over 250 periods, used over 3,000 tampons and enjoys long Netflix binges, candle-lit hot water bottle sessions and vegan chocolate while she periods. 

Bethany knows what it’s like to be surprised with a visit from Aunt Flow, which is why, after been caught without a tampon too many times, she realised that since you can get everything else delivered to your door (except the man of your dreams), why not a period care package subscription for the most natural subscription of all?

Being mindful of our bodies and the world we live in, Bethany has an uncompromising value to ensure every level of her business is ethical and sustainable. And she absolutely does not want anyone sticking bleached tampons up their hoo-haas anymore!

We work with awesome SheEO's 

Women supporting women is our jam. So we don't discriminate, but we'll often look for women killing it in their field to partner with. 

Our awesome packages were designed by the fabulous Heidi Lou Designs.  

Our photography is by Bec Hannaford

P.S. The Periodical is a community that we hope you will always feel a welcome part of no matter who you are, love or identify as. You are welcome here!