Let's put an end to period shaming

We love to talk about periods.

Do you remember when you first heard about periods? OMG it was like, soooooo embarrassing! 

I bet you still feel like you need to lower your voice and whisper "I got my period" to a colleague or friend even though periods have probably been a regular in your life for years. 

And that's exactly why I think we need to have more period conversations. 

Because I'm done living in a world that shames periods. 

Aren't you? 

Yes, our periods happen. 

Yes, often they suck. 

And yes, we all want to conceal them cause it's a little embarrassing (ok, A LOT) if you're like my friend who got her period on her white jeans during a date. 

But that doesn't mean we can't acknowledge (and dare I say, appreciate) their existence and perhaps laugh about how much our PMS and cramps can derail our lives. 

(And if you're like my friend Alice who has perfect, no fuss periods, then you go Glen Coco. We're all effing jealous of you!)

So when people tell me they're 'uncomfortable' with all this period talk, I think, 'yeah, you and probably most people!'. And that's just why I'm doing this. 

Because enough of tampons ads that are about anything but perioding.

Enough of being told in school about periods in hushed tones with the boys out of the room.

And enough of period shame. 

They happen, we're all grown-ups so let's stop shaming them. 

My promise to you is this...

I aim to keep my brand as authentic, real and personable as possible. No fake ads of women rock climbing on their periods here!  

I want The Periodical to be like a friend who cycles with you.

Because we're all in this together.