I want to help you period better

I want to tell you a story about myself. 

It was the end of year 9, I was 15 and I used to join in conversations like this:

Friend: "Ah, I have to change my tampon."

Me: "Oh, same!"


Friends discussing the pros and cons of tampons over pads: 

"You can go swimming!"

"I don't leak as much as I used to."

"It doesn't feel like you've got a nappy on."

Me: "Yeah, I feel so much more free with tampons!"

But here's my confession. I had no idea. I didn't even have my period. 

I'm the one second from the right

In fact, I was the last girl in my grade to get my period.

It was right before my end of year modern history. I was so excited and relieved. I had finally graduated to the big leagues. I could actually use pads and tampons and complain about the cramps (I had no idea just what I was in for!) all I wanted now. I was in the period gang. 

How I ironic that I would go on to start a period company. 

I started The Periodical because I wanted to help women appreciate rather than loathe their periods. 

Maybe because I was such a late bloomer I have had a special appreciation for my period. Even though I suffer from PMS and cramps, when it arrives I feel a deep affinity and appreciation with my body.

It's a system and it's doing its beautiful job. 

And the more I learn about my menstrual cycle the more I have come to understand that when we period, we should take time to practice some self-care.

Our ancestors would sit in 'the red tent' with the other women while they perioded, excused from housework, and instead hang out with their fellow cycle-sisters.

Sure there was an element of taboo and patriarchy steeped in some of these traditions, but the basic premise is this: your period is a time for rest and nurture. To be warm. To be quiet. To reflect on the month gone and appreciate the month ahead. 

That's why I created The Periodical. So you can receive a gift to yourself. A reminder to take time out for you. Even if it's only a few minutes to have a cup of tea, eat a piece of chocolate and swallow another Naprogesic. 

But I also wanted to start The Periodical because I believe every girl and woman should be free to period with dignity and with shame. 

For every box sold we're supporting girls going to school in Northern Uganda. 

I have been connected with this program for the last 10 years, fundraising and visiting the projects. We are supporting a menstrual awareness program, educating the entire community around menstrual hygiene to break down stigmas and keep girls in school through making reusable pads

It's a seriously impressive program. I can't wait to share more about it. 

So I'm only a few months in, but there's a lot more to come. Pads, better boxes and some lovely products created with love and care. 

I might have been a late bloomer, but I hope my passion about period care encourages you to take some time out for yourself next time you period. 

Yours in flow,