• What's the deal with pap smears and HPV?

    Pap smear. Those two words alone are enough to send a shudder through most Australian women. But have you heard, the pap has changed? So what exactly does it mean for people with a vagina?
  • 9 ways to deal with PMS

    I can always tell when my period is about to hit without looking at my app or the calendar. So can my husband.  Premenstrual Syndrome is something ...
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    Do you know how to check your breasts on the reg? Here are some simple and important ways to do a regular breast check up to avoid breast cancer.
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    I bet you still feel like you need to lower your voice and whisper "I got my period" to a colleague or friend even though periods have probably been a regular in your life for years. Me too.

  • Are organic tampons actually any better for you?

    The average woman uses 16,800 tampons in her life and there is no study on the continuous health effects of conventional products. So is organic any better?
  • The Tampon Tax is axed - about bloody time!

    It’s about bloody time!

    It only took 18 years, but finally, our government got together, pulled some strings, and stopped ‘taxing our periods’. So, what does this actually mean?